Victoria's Secret (Victoria's Secret), sexy, charming and has always been synonymous with it. Victoria's Secret lingerie series very eclectic, while other women's cosmetics design Lululemon Canada exudes an irresistible charm! Yoga clothing single product is no exception, perfect tailoring, so that women in the lululemon yoga exercise right to show soft posture at all times exposed so little feminine, but also very suitable for home and leisure travelers wearing Victoria's Secret told the women: yoga sexy!

Yoga miniskirt & hoodies

Wonderful interpretation: lululemon yoga mini skirt, Lululemon Yoga Pants sports or leisure can be wearing, the use of a high percentage of Lycra elastic fibers, side stripe design. T-shirt, hooded design, half-length, wearing a fitted. Cotton / modal.

Yoga pants & V-neck T-shirt

Wonderful interpretation: yoga clothes suit, suitable for any place in the Lululemon Canada Online gymnasium, street wear, essential goods in your cupboard. Soft cotton design, the use of a high percentage of Lycra elastic fibers, fit body. Low-waist pants design.

Striped blazer

Wonderful interpretation: the movement of essential goods Lululemon Yoga Pants, the side of the sleeve stripe design, nylon / elastane, front zipper.

Seamless sports vest

Wonderful interpretation: the Lululemon Canada Online Racerback-back design. Lightweight and fit body. Double-layer structure, super-soft friction-free weaving. Nylon / spandex.

Striped yoga pants & French hoodie

Wonderful interpretation: striped yoga pants, a yoga pants suitable for wearing in any place, of course, also be used as casual pants to wear, simple and elegant design. Very flexible. Soft cotton texture, very personal. Also a member of the high percentage of Lycra. French hoodie, elastic rope, cotton.